Beware! You Can’t Buy Sex Anymore in France. But, Selling Is Still Legal

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 3:49 pm

In France, now it is illegal to buy sex, but not selling it.

French lawmakers approved a bill against prostitution and sex trafficking. They did away with  the 2003 law which banned passive soliciting by sex workers on the street.


The new bill focuses the punishment on the client as they will have to pay fine and attend awareness classes on the harms of the sex trade.

The sex buyer will have to pay $1,700 as a fine which will rise to $4,270 for the second offense.



It will be now easier for foreign sex workers to acquire a temporary residence permit if they leave the sex trade.

The bill treats sex worker as a victim rather than criminal. Countries like Norway and Iceland follows this model of criminalising consumers.


Sex worker will be treated as victim vocativ

Sex worker will be treated as victim

The supporters of the bill argued that it will help fight trafficking networks.

Maud Olivier, a lawmaker, said, “The most important aspect of this law is to accompany prostitutes, give them identity papers because we know that 85 percent of prostitutes here are victims of trafficking.”





However, the opponents warned that cracking down on clients could push sex workers to hide.

Also, they will become even more at the mercy of pimps and violent clients.