OMG! Mia Khalifa Having Surgery For Fixing ‘Boob Implants’, After 80mph Hockey Ball Smashes Into It!

2:03 pm 31 Jul, 2018


Former adult star Mia Khalifa is now an avid sports journalist, who enjoys a massive fan following. The ex-porn star and now sports personality, Mia, is a social media legend (more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter and a whopping 9 million followers on Instagram alone). She is also the co-host of a Complex series called, “Out Of Bounds” where she discusses player injuries and team predictions.

The 25-year-old former adult star Mia Khalifa was recently under fire when she posted a barbecue video and made a sinister remark on Buddhist monks.



Mia Khalifa is known as a die-hard when it comes to sports. She criticises World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and even called Joey Ryan a “giant, hairy man-baby.”



Not just that, her fans are crazy about her big breasts, which she flaunts boldly on her social media pages. Have a look:




Not just that, former adult star Mia Kalifa loves flaunts her famous assets when she’s eating! Here’s proof:



If anything is worth being outside in this 110° heat, it’s for sure @la_barbecue

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Or with a nice glass of champagne:



And when she’s just taking a neighbourhood stroll:



Since apparent that Mia Khalifa never shies from exposing her bosoms, but she got a major blow, when a hockey puck ‘deflated’ her left breast during a hockey match.



The social media sensation was at a Stanley Cup playoff hockey game earlier this year, when her left breast was hit by a six-ounce puck!



The former adult star’s surgically-enhanced breast was ruptured by this incident. Describing it, she said, that ‘it left her feeling like blood was going everywhere’.



The Washington Capitals super fan changed her outcome of this ghastly experience. She actually kept the used puck, as a treasured souvenir!



Now, the former adult star Mia Khalifa and West Ham fan has revealed that she will have to fix her implants with surgery next year. She said, ‘They’re really heavy, it’s pure rubber. ‘My left breast is slightly deflated now and I will be getting it fixed next year.’



The former porn star also played hockey and lacrosse when she was growing up in Washington DC.


Cash me ousside ⚓️ #Chel #StadiumSeries (📸: @tbabyusa)

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Mia Khalifa also posted a video of herself at the infamous hockey game on Instagram to talk about her breast damage! Here it is:



The once top-ranked performer on the PornHub adult website, is a co-host for sports talk show ‘SportsBall’ and one of the most followed celebrities on social media.