Two Foreign Women Climbed A Mobile Tower In Madhya Pradesh, But Escaped Mysteriously

4:52 pm 10 Nov, 2017


There is no dearth of weird people in the world. People do weird things these days just to be in the limelight and gather huge media attention. Remember how a few days back a man traveled on a horse with his cavalcade just to receive his new iPhone X? Surely, that was weird!


A man traveled on a horse just to collect his latest iPhone X.

And now another incident has come to light when two women did something weird. This incident is now gathering the attention of media. The most important fact in this story is that these women are not even Indians.



Two foreigners are in news for doing something weird.

This morning, two women of foreign nationality climbed over the mobile tower nearby the famous Chamunda Mata Temple in Madhya Pradesh.


Foreigners spotted at the tower.

The two entered the restricted area nearby the temple and were spotted at the tower. During the early morning hours, people who were there at the temple spotted the two and asked them to safely step down.


They were then asked to step down from the dangerous mobile tower.

The whole incident created a situation of chaos in the nearby area. Sooner, the authorities were informed about the matter, but by that time the two managed to flee from the location.

As per a report, it has been said that the foreigners left a bag at the tower, however, nothing was found when the tower was searched.

Whatever they did and whosoever these two women were, it was nothing less than unusual. So, have you ever tried climbing a tower?


Don’t even think about that because it is too dangerous.

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