Is Spending Over Rs. 2,000 Crore Of Taxpayer’s Money On PM’s Foreign Visits Worth It?

6:13 pm 15 Dec, 2018


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure of 5 years is almost coming to an end. With the recent assembly elections 2018 results, the discussions are high about the future of the PM and BJP in the upcoming general elections 2019. However, that is not what we are going to discuss today. As the year is ending, let us take a look back at the foreign trips by PM Modi. Also, we will be taking a look at the cost of those trips and who actually paid for it?

According to the Ministry of External Affairs website, the amount spent on foreign trips by PM Modi amounts to Rs. 2,000 Crore. This data is for the trips between 15 June 2014 and 3 December 2018.




This information became a public knowledge after Communist Party of India MP Binoy Viswam asked Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh about the names of the countries that Modi has visited since 2014. Also, he wanted to know about the ministers who accompanied the PM along with the details of the agreements signed. Lastly, information on the amount paid for the travels to Air India was also asked.



The response given by Singh is a detailed one. It seems that Rs 1,583.18 crore was spent on aircraft maintenance. About Rs 429.28 crore on chartered flights and Rs 9.12 crore on a secure hotline. A few months back, Singh also said that Modi has taken 84 foreign trips all across the world. While he visited some countries only once, for others it was twice or thrice.

This is not all! According to another report, the government has spent about Rs. 4600 crore to promote the flagship projects and achievements of these visits.



This brings us to the question about the ones who are bearing the costs of travel and promotion of our globe-trotting prime minister. Naturally, it is us the taxpayers. This is not the first time that his question is raised. Earlier, it was the opposition who has such queries in mind but now the common citizens are also raising their voice. There is no doubt some of the treaties are beneficial for our country but what about the other visits?




There are also questions that why a part of this amount is not spent on job generation and agriculture? Wouldn’t that have created strong pillars for development of India? Well, we won’t be getting the answer now but in form of the results of general elections 2019. However, you can always pen down your views. Let us know in the comments below.

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