Force 2 Team Visits Amar Jawan Jyoti Along With Former PoWs, Pay Tribute To Fallen Soldiers

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3:50 pm 3 Nov, 2016

The Force 2 team on November 3 visited Delhi’s Amar Jawan Jyoti so as to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers who have lost their lives for the country and put forward their petition for the government to help their families.

The historic monument was attended by Force 2’s leading cast of John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha along with two real life heroes for India who spent over 11 years in Pakistan as their Prisoner of war (PoW).


John and Sonakshi paying their respect at Amar Jawan Joyti. Anuradha Singh

John and Sonakshi paying their respect at Amar Jawan Jyoti. Anuradha Singh

When asked, what inspired them to visit the monument, they said that they had decided to visit this place over a year and half back, when the movie was first conceptualized.

“While working on the movie we found out about our soldiers, about R&W agents and how much they do and sacrifice for the country. We don’t realise how much they do for us. So we all made a commitment at that time itself that we will come here (at Amar Jawan Jyoti) and honour our soldiers ” – Sonakshi Sinha

Meanwhile, John spoke about the soldiers that were accompanying them and said that these were they were the real life heroes, not them.


John and Sonakshi along with former PoWs (in white) Anuradha Singh

John and Sonakshi along with former PoWs (in white) Anuradha Singh

He added that he along with the team visited many places like Kargil and Kashmir so as to understand the life and pain of these soldiers and were left in awe.

“These soldiers are our real life heroes. We went to Kargil and saw bullet holes over there and then went to Kashmir and saw the destruction that had taken place there…These soldiers are the ones that are real life heroes. Like we have with us Mr. Vinod Soni and Mr Soran Lal, they both were in Pakistan for over a decade. They were there as Prisoners of War and spent over 11 years there. We are fighting for the rights of these people, via this movie, so we can tell everyone what exactly is happening at the borders and make people understand.” – John Abraham

Honoured by John’s gesture Vinod Soni said that for him the nation was everything.

“I would start by saying “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and that that I honoured to be standing here… I will tear my chest and show you much my heart aches for the nation and for the brave soldiers who left their life of luxaries only to serve the nation and then die for it.” – Vinod Soni, Former PoW

Sonakshi, who was left teary-eyed after hearing this, added, “these are the real heroes, and it’s only because of them that we are here today.”

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