This Is Why Team Force 2 Wants To Visit Amar Jawan Jyoti At New Delhi

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7:34 pm 22 Oct, 2016

The makers of ‘Force 2’ have dedicated the Bollywood movie’s trailer to all the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. A special slide has been added to the trailer to salute the unrecognised martyrs of our nation.


Team ‘Force 2’ wants the Government of India to recognise and give respect to the unsung martyrs of the country who have given away their lives serving the nation. The sacrifice of these people who without giving a second thought to whether their efforts will ever be appreciated often goes unnoticed.

The team wants to give a tribute to these unsung heroes of our country. They will visit Amar Jawan Jyoti in Delhi to voice their request and spread awareness, before taking the petition to the government.

In their petition, they want the Government of India to recognise the uncelebrated martyrs of our country. The ‘Force 2’ team is keen on the names of these unsung heroes being recognised and celebrated.


Later, they also plan to take this petition to the President.

On being asked what moved John Abraham to take the petition forward, the actor says:

“When I heard the real story of captain Kalia, while I was filming Force 2, I was completely moved.  He was captured during the Kargil war by the Pakistani army, in the territory of Pakistan. India initially denied that he was an Indian soldier, leaving his father to struggle in court for Kalia to gain the recognition that an army man should have received at the very start. Even today, there are many unrecognised and forgotten martyrs from various intelligence agencies who need to gain recognition, if not celebrated. Our story is inspired from true life events and that’s what makes Force 2 even more credible.”


He further adds, “It’s our humble request to the system to recognise those who have sacrificed their lives while serving the nation. We understand that revealing names of people who are currently serving, may lead to political or security issues, however, it’s a meek request that the long due pending cases of people get resolved, giving them their needed status and recognition in our society.”


Director Abhinay Deo agrees that a recruit may be willing to abide by the clause of anonymity that an operation of such nature demands but their families don’t sign up for it. “Why should they endure pain? As a country we must take care of them, and acknowledge the blood they have shed”, says Deo.


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