For Those Who Have Not Yet Felt The Magic Of 2014 FIFA World Cup, Your Experience Begins Here

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Fifa World Cup has always had an enduring appeal with its collection of fans from all over the globe. Everyone is enjoying this celebration with full of excitement as our champions are all ready to play their best sport. For the people of Brazil, its not just the competition, it’s something more important than their life. As they are themselves preparing to host this World Cup you cannot even imagine their hunger for celebration. It will be hard to hear, because no fans in the world are as passionately noisy as Brazil’s.

At five o’clock on Thursday June 12th, if all goes to plan, a whistle will blow in São Paulo and the 20th World Cup will begin

world cup begin

This wall, a five-minute drive from the Maracanã, is dedicated to some of the greatest names in Brazilian football

Near the marcana stadium

This favela used to be a dangerous drug den, but it’s safer nowadays and very close to the training ground of Brazil’s elite police force


kids play on this tiny pitch

On the left, behind the boy, is Sugar Loaf Mountain. Next to his uncle’s chest you can just see Christ the Redeemer. On the far right is Oscar Niemeyer’s Museum of Modern Art, like a flying saucer on the hill.

playing football between mountains

Most of these inmates are in prison for drug-dealing or drug-trafficking. Some are in for murder

playing in prison

This seminary is about 400km west of Sao Paulo. The priests were playing in their robes against student seminarians

priests playing

Corinthians have an extreme, often thuggish fan club called Gaviões da Fiel, and this man is a member

thuggish fan club

A shot of the Sao Paulo skyline, which is famous for its skyscrapers. And then, about 200 metres away, these young men playing football on top of an office building


The city has very little open space, on Sundays the local authorities close it for traffic so people can walk or play football


This scrapyard was packed with cars piled on top of one another, but there was this small space where these men could lay some tyres for goalposts and have a kickabout


The women play as much as the men, and they play hard. They are working-class, but because they take football very seriously they play in expensive shoes

women playing football

The 1998 World Cup. This fan went to a Candomblé priestess, asking her to bless the team



From: Intelligent life Magazine

Credit: CHRISTOPHER PILLITZ captures a society at play. MICHAEL REID sets the scene.




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