For The Love Of Potato Chips: 10 Best Brands You Must Know And Try

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11:00 pm 15 Sep, 2014

Potato chips top the list only after cup cakes, as the world’s most famous comfort food. They are one of the most bestselling snacks in the entire world. Since 1853, when they were first introduced to the consumers, their popularity has risen to mammoth proportions. In the market today, there are innumerous companies selling chips and trying to cash into this bankable consumer base. You can eat them with dips and all kinds of sauces. They come plain and ridged. Whatever be the shape or the color, the moment you sit down with friends with a packet of chips, get ready to share them.

Let’s look at a list of top ten brands of potato chips that you must try in this lifetime –

10. The Golden Flake

The brand is most famous for their fried pork skins, chips and cheese curls. They also offer a wide variety of chips that can be paired with tasty dips. Some of their must have flavors are thin and crispy, salt and pepper and dill pickle.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

9. The Popchips

Since their arrival on the chips scene, Popchips have emerged as one of the contenders for the top spot on potato chips. Their chips are made by a unique process of mixing potatoes and corn at very high temperatures. Their parmesan and garlic, sweet potato and barbeque flavors are very high selling. They are so good that even Ashton Kutcher could not resist endorsing them.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

8. The Wise Chips

They have been around since 1921 and top the list of most favorite chips for so many of us. Their pretzels, corn chips and peanut butter sandwiches are to die for. On a lonely evening try their crackers with cheese and your soul will be healed for the night.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

7. The Herr’s

This Pennsylvania based company was founded by James Herr when he was only 21 years old. Their chips have a unique flavor that sets them apart from other brands.Their flavored chips are a hit with all ages. When at the movies try their onion rings.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

6. The Potato Chips From Cape Cod

These chips have been around since 1980 and over the years have baffled us with their unique flavors. Their salt and vinegar, whole grain toasted and cracked pepper flavors have a large number of loyal customers. They are not for those who cannot take strong flavors. The horse radish and jalapeno can give you an unforgettable hot kick.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

5. The Kettle Brand

Kettle Foods have carved a niche market for themselves in the International market. Their nut butters and tortilla chips are famous as their potato chips.They are known worldwide for only using natural ingredients in their products. Every year they hold a contest for consumers to produce a new flavor. Their New York Cheddar comes highly recommended.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

4. The Utz

Utz is one of the largest brand for chips in USA. There isn’t an American who hasn’t had a packet at some time or the other.Their sunflower chips, popcorn and pork rinds are equally famous. You can also chose from a wide range of salsa, dips and crackers.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

3. The Pringles

Pringles need little or no introduction. How often have most of us dug into the familiar round box and stuffed our mouths with them. They are both potato and wheat based and one of the high selling goods from Procter and Gamble. You cannot miss Julius Pringle the founder on the box. The most unique feature of these chips is the uniform shape and size. Each and every chip is identical. And it’s time you moved over from the original to the chilli cheese dog, cinnamon sugar and seaweed.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

2. The Ruffles

Ruffles is a world famous brand solely owned by Frito-Lay. They are called so due to their crinkled look and awesome flavors. They have the widest range of flavors in the market. Some of the really unique ones are au gratin, honey mustard, buffalo wing and cheddar cheese.

For The Love Of Potato Chips

1. The Lays

Lays is the most selling potato chips brand in the world. They are also the largest manufacturers of snacks in USA. Their flavors are very unique and mouth watering. Some of their hot selling flavors are sour cream, salt and pepper and ham.

For The Love Of Potato Chips


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