14 Signs A Guy In Love Is Acting Like A FOOL

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 2:59 pm



Sometime, love makes both sexes do the wackiest things. It’s common to see people ‘transforming’ overnight. They quickly embrace a new persona, just to impress their love interests. They act insane and you can easily identify them from the following traits:

1. Chauffeuring HER to every place she goes

Men like to be useful to women. That’s okay. BUT, chauffeuring them like a personal driver is hurting your prestige.


Remember, you are going to look more like her pet than boyfriend if you do that.

2. Crashing her outings and parties like ALWAYS

She has a personal life, dude.


3. Being overly demanding about her time

Yes, you do have a right to each other’s time. BUT, always demanding to do everything together is slow poison.


4. Becoming each other’s Ken Doll

Respect to her individuality. And please stop asking her to dress the way you want to see her.


5. Always letting your wallet do the talking for you

Some misinformed men, when they are not able to use the right words, let their wallet do the talking.

Don’t do that.


6. Becoming a vegetarian in no time

You actually love tandoori chicken, but don’t eat it anymore as your partner does not approve of killing innocent animals.


7. You pick up fights with every guy who stares at your girl

Please do it only when it’s an absolute must.


8. You start watching Indian daily soaps with her

Eventually, you become excited about what’s going to happen in the next episode.


9. When you go blind in love; your judgment is impaired


10. Your world is your love; all the rest in non-existent

Your friends, family, car, sports, clubbing, and everything else are secondary now. W.T.F.


11. Your new found love appears to be perfect in every way

And so was the last relationship. And the one before that.


12. Relocating your entire life to make sure they stay tuned

You do everything to match their interests and forget that you ever had a life. Not good.


13. Being emotionally manipulative

It’s nice to be the hero of someone’s life. But, you’ve got to be REAL first.


14. Romantic motives sometimes make you take uncalculated risks

Done wrongly, it will leave you looking stupid and insane.


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