20 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Fly Solo Without A Man On New Year’s Eve

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12:00 pm 29 Dec, 2015

With all couples booking themselves for a New Year’s party, our dear single friends are wondering what it’d be like to be left alone to one’s own whims on the eve of New Year. First, don’t be taken aback by all the lovey dovey couples, only God knows many of them will thrash each the first thing next morning.

Just remember, it’s great to be single on the New Year’s. You’re going to fly solo and nothing seriously can stop you from ruling the evening like a King or Queen.

Here are 20 reasons why it’s awesome to fly solo through the party season and this one’s especially for all the girls out there:


1. New Year’s Eve is all about partying? And no one can rock a party better than singletons!

You get to choose who you’d party with. You’d choose the place, the menu, the drinks and clothes you will wear… What else could one ask for?


2. Stay in or go out on New Year’s Eve; you are the master of your own will.

You can even choose to change your mind at the last moment, no questions asked.


3. Dedicate the night to all your sisters and BFFs. No need for male spoilers.


4. Since you’re the boss, you can plan to spend the New Year with friends or with complete strangers.

No strings attached.


5. Ready to mingle? You won’t get so many options in a single night. Just the perfect time to look for Mr Right.

Make sure he feels the luck when he’s around you.


6. Just think about all the people dating the wrong person. They will drag in the New Year with an impending feeling of giving up.

And you? You are ready to embrace all the new possibilities as you welcome 2016.


7. No pressure. No one’s expecting gifts from you. You’re not expected to doll up to look good, if you choose not to.

Walk about in a sweat-shirt or pyjama and no one can kill your freedom.


8. You can dress in the most quirky outfits for the party, and there is no eye-rolling from your guy.

At midnight, you can kiss just about anyone you want. Your mom, your BFF, or your dog.


9. You can take a resolution to do everything your heart desires, and not share plans and resolutions with your date, who may or may not be considerate of your wishes.


10. No pressure to meet his family or oblige his friends and relatives. Celebrate the evening with your family and friends.


11. Wake up sober the next day and not as a sucked and shrunken balloon from partying last night.


12. Watch back-to-back movies; all the movies you may have missed out during the year.


13. Order the most lavish meal you’ve always wanted to eat.

No more asking anyone about what they’d like to eat.


14. Fewer gifts to buy, and more money to waste on your wishes, even if they are the most vile and stupid ones.


15. Remember (always) New Year’s Eve is overrated and jam packed with expectations of magical transformations that we hope the year will usher in.

But really, it’s just another day, when the sun is going to rise just the same, and the moon will wane away just as it does on a usual day.


16. Many couples you see doting each other on New Year’s will be growling at each other the next morning.

We bet.


17. Go take a trip to a destination of your choice; there’s no one to point a finger at your insanity.


18. Celebrate New Year at an orphanage or plan a party with neighborhood kids, and see their numerous smiles, innocent with no pretense.


19. Stay home with your grandparents and plan an eventful party for them. Who knows how much time you have left with them?


20. Just look at the mirror and appreciate the person you are. Think of how you’d become a better person in 2016.


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