There Is A Reason Why This Flute Seller Sells Flutes To Only Those Who Can Play It

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12:49 pm 28 Mar, 2016


Connaught Place in the heart of Delhi is known for glittering showrooms and enthusiastic crowds of shoppers.

Brimming with people in the cool summer evening, the hubbub here is pulsating. But if you listen carefully, your ears will be able to pick the enchanting woody music of the flute floating around. You will feel it striking against a chord of your heart.

That music emanates from the flute of Khan Mohammad. Mohammad is no musician; he makes flutes and sells them to make a living.


Khan Mohammad Flute Seller (4)


But there is something which makes Khan Mohammad different from other flute sellers – he sells his flutes to only those who can play the flute.


Khan Mohammad Flute Seller (1)


He says, “A person who does not know how to play a flute will never have respect for it. He will purchase one but throw it away in a corner of his house. As a flute player, I feel bad about this.”


However, Mohammad is willing to teach the art of playing the flute.

To those who wish to learn it, Mohammad teaches for free besides offering one of his flutes at a big discount. All you have to do is to visit Connaught place regularly for your class.


Khan Mohammad Flute Seller (3)


Many enthusiasts come to Connaught Place to learn flute from him. Some of them are on their way of becoming masters in playing the flute, thanks to Khan Mohammad.

It would be wrong to see Khan Mohammad’s conviction of selling the flute to only those who can play it as something arrogant. The respect he gives to music and the art of playing the flute deserves to be recognised.