While Media Was Busy With Mumbai Rains, 120 Children Lost Everything To Floods In Manipur’s Senapati

9:00 pm 31 Aug, 2017


While the whole country and all mainstream media is busy talking about the Mumbai rains, a catastrophic flood hit Manipur’s Senapati district and has left hundreds homeless since the midnight of August 25.


Floods in Manipur

Children at Compassionate Children Ministry’s home who were left homelsstwitter

The torrential rain caused the Barak River, one of the biggest and most important rivers in the northeast, to rise unprecedentedly leading to one of the most devastating floods in the district in decades.

The flash flood has damaged several residential houses, cut off road connectivity, uprooted countless standing crops, trees and electric poles causing much hardship to the people in the district.


But the hardest hit by this devastating flood is the Compassionate Children Ministry (CCM)’s home, one of the biggest orphanage homes in the state located at Kathikho village in Karong. At least 120 children live in this orphanage.



Floods in Manipur

Compassionate Children Ministry campus at Kathikho village in Karong twitter

The flood tore through the heart of CCM campus ravaging everything that came in its path.

It washed away all the properties including utensils, furniture, keyboard and other sound systems used at the chapel hall, livestock raised to fund the orphanage, books and notebooks, clothing of the children, other personal belongings, and even a Swift car, belonging to the proprietor of the home, which was parked inside the campus. The four-classroom school of the children was also completely destroyed.


Floods in Manipur

Children removing the mud water at their CCM home Sunzu Bachaspatimayum

The children have been left without a home, food, spare clothes and other basic amenities. They have been left to battle bad weather and water contamination exposing them to the threat of various illnesses.

The flood waters, mixed with river mud, also entered several residential houses nearby and destroyed furnitures and food items worth lakhs of rupees.


Responding quickly to the crisis, help came pouring in for the children from all quarters, including the district administration, army personnel, churches, various organisations and individuals.


Floods in Manipur

34 AR/10 Sector donating relief materials to orphans at CCM twitter

On August 29, Manipur’s Tribal & Hill Development Minister, N. Kayisii, visited the devastating flash floods and mudslide affected places in Senapati district and took stock of the situation.


Landslide in Manipur

Tribal & Hill Development Minister, Government of Manipur, N. Kayisii taking stock of situation Imphal Free Press

He also met the affected victims and assured them of all help in his capacity. The minister visited the approximately 30-km stretch of paddy fields along the Barak river and its tributaries, which are the main sources of livelihood for the cultivators of the surrounding villages that have been badly damaged due to heavy rain and mudslides.


Mudslides in Manipur

Mudslide on National Highway 2 Sunzu Bachaspatimayum


Needless to mention, though the water level has receded and the condition is getting better in the district, several damaged roads and properties are still left unattended. Many affected people are still struggling to reconstruct their houses and are worried about their damaged crops as it is the main source of livelihood for the families.

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