12 Realistic And Reliable Flirting Tips For Girls

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Updated on 28 Mar, 2016 at 9:23 pm


Most girls do not approach a guy, they wait for a guy to approach them. But you can make the guy’s job a little easier by flirting with him and letting him know his chance of success is high.


1. Raise his curiosity by looking at him and then looking away when he notices you eyeing him.


2. If you catch him staring at you, smile at him before you look away.


3. Look into his eyes when he talks to you. You can also glance (very) briefly at his lips.


4. Pay him compliments when he does something right. Don’t overdo it though.


5. You can also pay subtle complements like, “You look athletic. Do you go to the gym or play some sport?”


6. Lean in as if you want to whisper something to him and brush your lips against his ears *by accident*.



7. When you want to talk to him, instead of yelling out his name, touch his arm gently.


8. Glance and smile at him when you cross him; don’t always stop to chit chat with him.


9. Most guys like to feel macho so ask for his help when possible (ask for a lift, help with paperwork, etc.)


10. Ask him out without it seeming like you’re asking him out. Eg: “I’d love to some ice cream NOW! Come and be my bodyguard.”


11. Tease him without being mean. Eg: Pretend to read his palm and then tell him that his lines reveal that he’s very kinky.


12. Mention how you’re not into some guy who’s interested in you because you look for certain things in a man. Then list out some of the qualities that match your crush’s personality.