14 Tips For Girls To Flirt With A Guy Without Being Creepy

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Updated on 20 Apr, 2016 at 10:00 am


His is the first name scribbled all over your diaries. The dilemma of letting him know about your feelings is driving you crazy. Your friends force you all the time that you should give it a try but you are not sure about it. One thing is absolutely true that you really really like him. Every night you dream about telling him about your love and every morning you fail to do so. Well, girls here are few tips to flirt with that cute guy that will let him know how you feel. I promise it won’t make you look creepy.


1. All the shy girls out there, this one is for you. Wave hello, whenever he passes by. Make him feel your presence.


2. Like his photographs on social media. Not all but at least some. This will drop him a hint.

3. Don’t forget to invite him to all your happy occasions like birthdays, parties, night outs. This way he will know that he is always on your mind.





4. Don’t stare at him. Try making eye contact and smile.


5. Guys hardly ever get compliments but they feel loved when they do. Give him a nice compliment. Make him *blush*.


6. Remember what he tells you and bring it up later. He will be impressed to see that you were paying attention when he was talking.

7. Touch him casually. Yes, it’s a bold step. But you can touch his arms while talking. If he is still not aware about your feelings then this will surely help.


8. Give him thoughtful presents. His favorite novel or movie DVD.

9. Share your food with him.


10. Ruffle his hair if he is not very conscious about his hairstyle. This will make him feel that you find him cute.

11. Walk by with your hair down and let it do the talking for you. Guys are attracted to long, unfettered tresses.


12. Try wearing his favorite color whenever you meet him or go out with him.


13. Thank him for whatever he does for you. This will make him happy.



14. Laugh at his jokes. Tell him that he has a good sense of humor.

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