Flipkart’s New Return Policy Will Leave You Sad. This Is So Not Fair

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2:40 pm 7 Jun, 2016


Flipkart is one of those common shopping portals that comes to our mind instantly when we think of online shopping. You should know that Flipkart has revised its return policy for products, which is definitely sad news for all its users.

Earlier, its customers had the privilege of returning goods within 30 days, now the policy has changed and it has come down to just 10 days of purchase. Not only this, but it has also hiked the commission that sellers pay to Flipkart. The revised rates will be applicable from July.


Though, there is a variation.

Books, electronics and mobile phones, which are the top selling categories of the site will come under the new return policy.

Whereas, categories like jewelry, watches, clothing, large appliances, fashion accessories and footwear, the old policy would be applicable, i.e. customers have 30 days to return their products.

Though the change in return policy has depressed the users and many criticized it, but according to sources, the spokesperson made his point and said:

With shortened period of returning or replacing a product, sellers can deal with fraudulent replacement claims efficiently. The revised structure across shipping, commission and returns will enable sellers to have predictability and better manage their online business.

Product prices can also increase by 9%.

As the commission that the sellers pay to Flipkart has been increased, there are speculations going around that product prices can also increase by 9%. The change will be seen from July.




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