Flipkart Caught Red Handed While Offering ‘Fake Discount’

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7:10 pm 5 Jun, 2015


Are you lured by heavy discounts on e-commerce websites? You will re-think that after reading this. A photo posted on Flipkart’s Facebook page revealed that they showed high price for a product on which they gave the discount, but the discount was equivalent to MRP.

A post by Kolkata-based Mani Sankar Sen shows a pair of wedges that is selling on the website for Rs 399, down from their original price of Rs 799. However, a closer look at the product’s image on the listing page shows that the pair of wedges was priced at Rs 399 by the manufacturer.


While posting the image on Flipkart’s Facebook page, Sen wrote:

Dear Flipkart Team… Whenever we think of online shopping, we definitely check your site first for the product availability. You have built huge brand value in India. But these incidents damage customers’ trust factor, as well as your brand value. Please see the picture attached…

In response, Flipkart said: “Sorry about this Mani. Checking on this…will have this rectified at the earliest.” The product listing page has since been removed by Flipkart from its website.



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