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Flipkart Is Now Selling ‘Brahman Cow’ And It’s Not What You Think

Published on 18 June, 2018 at 1:29 pm By

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India. Recently, US retail giant Walmart Inc announced that it will pick up 77 per cent stake in Flipkart. This news itself is enough to establish the prominence of this shopping platform. Despite that, this brand has many times landed in the soup due to different reasons. Not to forget they have been butt-of-the-jokes on many occasions. As you have correctly guessed, this is one such incident too.


Before knowing what they did this time, let’s take a look at some of the previous controversies that will make you chuckle.



The most infamous was its shameful failure to provide customers with products during the grand sale day – #BigBillionDay. The customers were left hanging dry with most of the products being out of stock or unavailable. It certainly did irate the customers and they showed their anger on Twitter. Many even started calling it #flopkart which later became a twitter trend:






Not only tweets, people also came up with hilarious memes. Here are some:




Seriously Flipkart?



Being a ‘pappu’?



The right way to save money, lol!



Coming back to the ‘Brahman Cow,’ users were left stunned when they found that Flipkart is selling cows and that too in multicolor. Here’s the image of the product.



Priced at Rs 16,688, with the discount you can get it just for Rs 4,462. What a great offer! And, no we are not kidding. See for yourself:



It’s only when you scroll down to see the specifications, you get to know that the specially featured ‘Brahman Cow’ is not real but made of plastic.



Upon further digging,it becomes clear that the product is a replica set for kids. At least that’s what the description says.

‘Instantly recognizable from the distinctive hump over its shoulders, CollectA’s lifelike Brahman Cow is a wonderful addition to any child’s barnyard play set. This Brahman Cow figure is detailed and realistic, ………. When they play with these replicas, children learn more about the animals and their environment, while having fun at the same time.’


We certainly see the smartness of the manufacturers in terms of naming the product. The question is how many people will actually buy a replica of a cow for Rs 4,462 to teach their young kids when the same can be done with an image or video for free.




Would you buy this product from Flipkart?

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