This Indian Fish Has Predicted Who Will Be Next U.S. President. Any Guesses?

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11:25 pm 8 Nov, 2016

Every country is waiting for the poll result of U.S. presidential election. Everyone wants know who will the next U.S. president- whether Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. While we have to wait for official results, a fish from Chennai has predicted the winner.

The fish called Chanakya III was asked to eat fish feed placed for it on a boat with Trump’s picture and Hillary’s picture. It choose the Republican candidate.

According to media reports, the fish picked the Trump boat seven times. The event was organised to spread awareness about mosquitoes and Malaria. The organizer J Hariharan said, “Trump is the fish’s choice. Our focus is to raise awareness on mosquitos… 2.7 million people die, mostly children due to Malaria and mosquito bites.”

However, the fish predictions has proved wrong in past.

During India and Australia world cup, the fish predicted the India will win but, the latter country won the cup.”We are not keen on believing psychic predictions by animals,” the organizer added.


The fish Chanakya selects Trump NDTV

The fish Chanakya selects Trump

Earlier, AFP reported that a Chinese monkey also predicted Donald Trump as the next U.S. president.

The monkey, known as”king of prophets”, was asked to pick between life-sized cut-outs of Trump and Clinton. He choose Trump after ‘a deliberate thought’.

Previously, the five-year-old monkey correctly predicted Portugal win in the 2016 European football championship.



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