A Fish Which Can Stay On Land For Six Days Can Spell An Ecological Disaster

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3:58 pm 5 Jun, 2015


Till now, we knew that fish can only survive in water but, a bizarre and seemingly super-powered fish has been found in Australia that can walk out of water and breathe on land for up to six days, reports Independent.

The aggressive climbing perch, which has lungs as well as gills, has now been discovered in northern Australia. The fish, a native of Papua New Guinea, can kill birds and larger fish by swelling up inside their windpipes and choking them.

According to James Cook University researchers, the creature could cause a ‘major disaster’ for Australian wildlife if it thrives there. Ecologist Nathan Waltham warned:

“When they populate an area they’re not commonly found in, they can disrupt the balance of that habitat.”



Only a few have been sighted on land in Australia so far, but scientists are said to be monitoring their progress.



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