US To Have First Marijuana Resort And Here Are Five Things You Should Know About It

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:48 pm

You might have been to casinos, spas, hotels etc. But a native American tribe, Santee Sioux, is now planning to give you an extraordinary experience. How? They plan to open US’s first marijuana resort in South Dakota.

So here are 5 things that you should definitely know about the first marijuana resort:

1. The move to open the marijuana resort comes after the US Department of Justice authorised the venture in June.

The tribe plans to open the resort on New Year’s Eve, and already has requests coming in for the night.


2. The resort, which can make up to $2 million profit a month, will open doors for the small tribe of 400 to boost revenue needed to fund community service.

Historically, the tribe has struggled to finance community services such as housing, childcare, and medical program. Earlier, the tribes relied on casinos to raise money nut they lost profits due tot he recession.


3. The resort will feature a nightclub, arcade games, a bar, and a smoking lounge where visitors can choose from as many as 30 strains of cannabis.

The tribal President Anthony Reider wants that it to be an adult playground.


4. In order to meet the demand for pot and cultivate a safe, high-quality product, the tribe has hired a Denver-based consulting firm, Monarch America, to learn the tricks of the trade.

There are also specific rules that the tribe has to follow: every plant must have a barcode; pot must be packaged and sold in one-gram increments, and if you want to buy another gram, you have to bring the packaging from the first one back.


5. Tribal leaders from around the country, as well as South Dakota lawmakers, will tour the resort once it opens.


Reider also said that one must look at these opportunities because in order to preserve the past we do have to advance in the present.