First Kiss And First Slap Done Indian Style Prove That Indians Are Masters In Everything

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 2:04 pm

Do you remember the First Kiss video? It created quite a storm because of its saccharine niceness. Then followed the First Slap, which was obviously a parody of the Kiss video. That was funny, too. The only ‘problem’ (if you would call it that) with the two was that both had a western setting, with western characters doing the deed. Imagine for a moment that the videos are shot in India, with Indian commoners, in an Indian setting which conforms to the Indian way of life as dictated by the grand Indian society. Too much of Indianess, isn’t it? The outcome would be as has been shown in the videos below. First up, First Kiss:


And now, First Slap, done by a different group:



Credit: First Kiss – Torture Talkies and, First Slap – Famebox Comedy.