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Odd-Even Part II: Delhi Sees Fewer Cars, More Cops Yet Over 500 Fines Within 5 Hours

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 8:43 am By

On April 15 Delhi government implemented the road-rationing formula odd-even scheme for the second time this year.


The day, which was relatively less busy as compared to rest of the week, saw over 500 people fined for violating the odd-even norms within the first five hours.

According to PTI, as many as 511 people were fined Rs.2,000 between 8 am and 1 pm.


Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times A driver being fined near Ghaziabad border

Out of these 511 the highest number – 129 challans – were issued in south Delhi, closely followed by west Delhi where 108 were challaned.

Though the number of challans were high, the scheme seemed to have gotten a mix response from the public.




While many hailed it as a good initiative, there were others who pointed out that the scheme had not managed to reduce pollution the first time around, so there was no point of introducing it again.

Though it’s still too early to say if the second phase of the initiative would be a success or not, there were few things which were worth noting on the first day.

Roads comparatively empty for a weekday

Though it can be credited to the fact that it was a public holiday (Ram Navami), one could not ignore the fact that many roads in Delhi wore an isolated look on the first day and travelling was comparatively smoother.


Usually busy Delhi-Gurgaon border on the first day of the second phaseHindustan Times

Usually busy Delhi-Gurgaon/Gurugram border on the first day of the second phase Hindustan Times

The biggest test for the scheme would be seen on Monday, April 18, when majority of the commuters would return and even schools would be open.

Higher number of Traffic Cops

Looking at the fact that the Delhi government has projected the second phase as “decisive”, thousands of traffic personnel, enforcement officials and civil defence volunteers were once again placed on roads so as to ensure smooth implementation of the scheme.


Cops at Nehru Place, Delhi Hindustan Times

Cops at Nehru Place, Delhi Hindustan Times

Though the move would be really helpful from Monday onwards.

Less number of DTC  buses

Though how much of this would be a bad news for Delhi public would be made clear on Monday, the fact is that schools are open this time around and thus one may face problem looking at the fact that there would be lesser number of buses available for public access.


Representational Image Wild Films India

Representational Image Wild Films India

But many buses ran empty during the trial run in January, so the reduced number of DTC buses might not be much of an issue as there are still around 6000 buses which DTC will be plying during these 15 days.

Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai said:




After the second phase of odd-even scheme is over, the Delhi government is also considering if they should introduce it for 15 days every month.



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