This Paan Is Fast Becoming The Hottest Sensation For Delhi’s Paan Lovers

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9:26 pm 17 Mar, 2017


Indians love to eat paan. The betel leaves are consumed as stimulants having psychoactive effects.

Across the nation, there are several types of paans available. From kulfi paan to ice paan, one can choose the flavor according to one’s palate. However, a special kind of paan is becoming, quite literally, the hottest delight for people in Delhi.

Fire paan, a speciality paan commonly found in Connaught Place in Delhi, is becoming very popular among the people. The people are literally becoming flame eaters!


So Delhi

The ingredients of the paan are: fennel seeds, gulkand, cardamom leaves, grated coconut and syrup.


Those who have consumed it say that it initially leaves a tingling sensation in the mouth but tastes good.



It sounds scary and looks even scarier, but people swear by its taste. The paan wallah dumps the flaming paan in your mouth, making it a challenge worth featuring in ‘Khatron ke Khiladi‘.

Check out the video here:


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