WWE Superstar Finn Balor Wants To Learn Cricket From Indian Captain Virat Kohli

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6:28 pm 9 Nov, 2017


There is no denying that Virat Kohli has a huge fan base, not only in India but all over the world. But when a superstar of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) says that he wants Kohli to teach him cricket, it is indeed a big honor for the Indian captain.

In an interview to India Today, former WWE champion Finn Balor has said that he would love to play a practice match with Virat Kohli and learn the laws of the game from him.


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Finn Balor is a professional wrestler from Ireland signed by the WWE. He will soon host two live shows in New Delhi, December 8 and 9, at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. He says that he is very eager to visit India, a country which he has only heard of good things.


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Finn will not be in India just for a live show but he will also be participating in all-star touring party, including WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, The Shield, Bray Wyatt, Kane, WWE RAW Women’s champion Alexa Bliss and many others in India for the very first time.

Sharing his feelings on his upcoming visit to India, Finn Balor said,


Very excited about my visit and one of my mentors William Regal have spoken really highly of that place, the people, the architecture, the culture. So, I’m really excited to get there and see all that first hand and of course perform for the WWE universe in India.


Finn Balor in the wrestling ring Sportskeeda

During the interview, Balor also spoke about cricket. He said that he has no idea about the game because he hasn’t seen much of it but would like to see Ireland play with India in the future. He said,

I absolutely have no idea about the game, never seen much of cricket. I’ve seen a little bit on TV against Australia. I know Ireland have been doing quite well recently. I’ve been in Japan and America for the last 15 years, so it’s not something I’ve had much of an opportunity to witness. But obviously I’m proud and would love to see Ireland and India in the future.

On being asked about Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, Finn said,

Yeah! I’d love to meet the captain of the Indian cricket team. I think he is kind of badass and everything (laughs)….You know, I’d actually love to play a practice match and if he could show me a few tricks and teach me the laws of the game which I missed out on. I think it would be fun to have a couple of rounds with him.


Virat Kohli hasn’t yet reacted to Finn Balor’s statement NDTV

We’re sure Virat Kohli also knows that he has a massive fan following but we wonder what he has to say about WWE champion Finn Balor expressing his desire to learn cricket from him. But if the two ever get together on cricket ground, it surely would be one of the most interesting games to watch.