A Man’s Fingers Reveal Much About His Violent Nature

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 1:00 pm


Forget his nature, and how much he loves you, according to a new research, much can be revealed about your man, by just a simple look at his hands. Yeah, that’s true!

During the ancient times, the analysis of a human body has been explained in detail by various Shastras. Analysis of body parts including palm, forehead, feet and face are widely covered by Samudrika Shastra.

It also explains how everything about an individual’s personality, nature, behavior and future is already imprinted on their body, through lines, moles and marks.



Some important signs on a male’s hand though point out towards his violent nature:

#1. Longer index finger

Men with a longer index finger in comparison to other fingers are more violent towards women.

#2. Tips of fingers



Men with fingertips slightly bulged outwards, are more prone to hiding things from their loved ones, which might create difficulties in the relationship.

#3. Ring and index fingers


Men with ring and index fingers of the same length are said to be charming but they use this personality trait to attract women, which later turns out to be entirely opposite.

#4. The perfect finger


It is said that men with perfect fingers are found rarely, ring finger is believed to be linked with testosterone; more than length, major issues with aggressiveness.