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Finance Ministry Shuts Down Rumors Of Temples Paying GST But Mosques And Churches Being Exempt

Published on 4 July, 2017 at 5:52 pm By

The advent of GST has brought about doubts and queries among people. Considered to be a historical tax reform, GST will take some time before it settles down comfortably in our system. Till then, few rumors mills will rise to create mass confusion. It is safe to say that such acts are a sport for disturbing elements of the society.

According to a rumor that attracted a lot of attention from the country, temple trusts will have to pay GST while churches and mosques have been exempted. A message claiming this information to be true became viral on various social media platforms which seemed like an attempt to inspire dialogues against the tax.

There has been a social media uproar to roll back GST levied upon Temples.Tamilnadu Tourism



In an attempt to shut down the rumors, The Ministry of Finance took to Twitter and informed in a series of tweets,




As the socio-political scenario of India seems quite tense due to Hindu nationalism taking a radical form, such rumors can cause damage to the status-quo. The Press Information Bureau issued a Press release on the behalf of the Ministry of Finance which stated the following,

Appeal to people not to start circulating wrong messages on social media as no distinction is made in the GST Law on any provision based on religion.

Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India.Tashi Tobgyal


GST is said to be a transparent tax that reduces numerous indirect taxes as well. Since the aim is to create a seamless movement of goods and services, there is no room for such rumors to develop and foil the plans.



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