15 Common Reasons For Fights Between Parents And Teenagers

10:00 am 7 Oct, 2015

We all love our parents. We do! But sometimes both teenagers and parents tend to go a teeny bit too far. Misunderstandings between parents and teenagers have become a daily affair. And the argument cycle continues. Every day a new reason for fight arises.

Let’s have a look at a few common reasons for fights between parents and teenagers.

1. The ‘excessive cell phone use’ fight

To be honest, nowadays teenagers just don’t have a social life. They live their own, ‘social-media life.’ Parents keep shouting at them and the teens do not seem to bother. What next? World-cell war.

2. The ‘I’m a grownup now’ fight

Teenagers have that adrenaline rush and excitement to try new, grownup stuff. They want to hangout late with friends. Parents say no. Teens feel they are being given ‘child-like’ treatment.

3. The ‘unwanted-ever-growing demand’ fight

Teenagers watch their friends at school showing off, flaunting their new gadgets. And there pops up a new demand and also a new fight.

4. The ‘curfew’ fight

Parents set the curfew, kids don’t show up and parents get worried. The worry slowly changes into anger and that leads to an argument.

5. The ‘you are overly strict’ fight

Your friends get the permission to do stuff that you cannot get permission for. They do not have a curfew, you do. And then you break loose.

6. The ‘comparison’ fight

Everyone hates to be compared. No two people are same but who can explain that to our parents? Parents love to compare their kids with others. Teens hate it. Well you do know what follows.

7. The ‘you never understand me’ fight

The parental psychology is totally different to that of the child. Teens ask for various stuff that isn’t suitable for them at their age. And when parents try to stop them from doing these things, they explode.

8. The ‘you are grounded’ fight

Enough said!

9. The ‘you are biased’ fight

We all have a complaint about our parents – that they are much more lenient with our sibling and they are stricter with us!

10.  The ‘I am not you’ fight

We get very frustrated when our parents want us to think and act the way they do. We are different with a different point of view.

11. The ‘let me enjoy life’ fight

Well, we being young want to enjoy our lives to the fullest, whereas according to our parents we should focus on our academics first. Leading to a lot of problems.

12. The ‘always on the internet’ fight

Well, according to our parents, we are missing out on our lives as all we do is sit on internet 24/7 and there is nothing else in our lives.

13. The ‘always eating unhealthy’ fight

According to our parents we never eat healthy food; they think we are only surviving on burgers and fries.

14. The ‘you have no time for family’ fight

Today’s generation, we simply love our privacy, but sometimes because of it, our parents end up thinking that we don’t care about them. Leading to another argument!

15. The ‘that dress is too short’ fight

So our parents are cool with us wearing short dresses, but when that dress turns out to be super short, the lecture is beginning!



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