Fans Went Crazy During FIFA World Cup, Kissed A Korean Reporter And Sparked Harassment Debate

4:17 pm 9 Jul, 2018


The FIFA World Cup 2018 or simply World Cup 2018 is the international football competition which has driven many a fan crazy. The competition started on June 30, 2018, and is about to come to an end soon. With only four matches left to be played, this World Cup is turning out to be a shocker. Many popular teams are already out of the game while the smaller ones are taking over.

The first shock to football fans came when previous World Cup winner Germany couldn’t make it to the knockout round. Then the shockers started appearing when many big teams like Argentina and Portugal weren’t able to make it to quarter-finals. Fans were left in disbelief when five-time champions Brazil lost out in the quarterfinals.




The teams that have made to the semi-finals were not what most fans were expecting. Nonetheless, France, Belgium, England, and Croatia will soon be fighting it out to get to the finals. And, one of them will subsequently win the World Cup 2018.



While a lot of craziness is occurring on-field, things off the ground aren’t any less happening. Yes, Russia is currently the host of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the enthusiastic fans are making headlines for their off-field antics.



As previously reported, Russian women recently put to display their love for football in an unorthodox way. The women held their own version of FIFA Cup. Only instead of a football costume, they were wearing elaborate wedding dresses.


Well, it seems like Russian women can’t contain their love for the game. Or is it the excitement of being the host nation? Irrespective, a recent incident where two Russian women kissed a reporter has made big news. It has even triggered harassment discussion all around the globe. Before proceeding let’s check out the video in question:



As seen in the video, South Korean reporter Jeon Gwang-Ryeol is covering the FIFA news for TV channel MBN. And mid reporting two Russian women sneak in a peck on his cheek, one by one. Even though the reporter cracks up in the end, the media is immersed in harassment debate.



And this is not the first time FIFA fans have kissed a reporter while live reporting. Here are two other posts by media houses that raised concern about incidents of harassment:



Another media house DW Sports also tweeted about a similar incident with one of their reporters:



Do you think it is fair for FIFA enthusiasts to indulge in such public behavior?

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