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Ferrari That Cost 6.5 Crore To Be Crushed Into Metal Scrap. Here’s Why

Published on 31 March, 2017 at 6:00 pm By

The LaFerarri is one of the most exclusive cars offered by Ferrari. It is as breathtaking as a car could be! Embedded with a V12 engine and electric motors capable of producing 950 bhp, the car well deserves to be called a hypercar. Only 500 coupe models of it have been made by the luxury car manufacturer, while 209 convertibles are yet to be created.

Ferrari LaFerrari


Each of these cars costs a whopping $1 million which is about Rs. 6.5 crore. Its owners would have always thought of themselves as fortunate. But there is one out of those 500 who might be thinking of himself as an unfortunate one because his prized possession is about to be converted into scrap by a car crusher.

Around 3 years ago, this gentleman from South Africa tried to get this car imported to his home country but found himself incapable of bearing the taxes and duties levied by the government. Eventually, the car was left in a warehouse.

In February this year, the owner wanted to take the car to Congo and, therefore, submitted an export declaration.

Ferrari LaFerrari

But, only a day after the car left South Africa, it was smuggled back from the very border post it was being transported. The unlucky smugglers got caught, and the car was impounded again by the authorities.

Now if the owner fails to justify the import of the car back to South Africa, his car, worth a million dollars, will be crushed into a cube by a car crusher!



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