Netizens Are Comparing Fendi’s Latest $990 Scarf To A Vagina, And It’s Already Sold-out Online!

12:07 pm 18 Oct, 2018


Just a little while ago TopYaps told you about ‘vaginal beer,’ remember? As gross as it sounds, some Wojtek Mann did come up with this idea and also titled it aptly ‘The Order of Yoni’, wherein the Sanskrit word ‘yoni’ means vagina. Leave aside Mann, now we have Fendi eyeing on the whole vagina inspiration! Yep, you read it right. Just when you were bashing KJo for his outlandish fashion or Kim for flaunting her bosoms in tight-leather, enter Fendi’s “Touch of Fur” shawl with unmistakable ‘vajayjay’ vibes.

Obviously, the internet will lose it if you ask someone to wear, let alone buy, a fur shawl which unintentionally looks like female genitals!



When it comes to fashion, this Italian fashion takes the biscuit. Fendi’s ‘Touch of Fur’ shawl undoubtedly bears an uncanny resemblance to a vagina – see?




This peachy garment is made from silk, wool and has a border with fox fur. Fendi’s ‘Touch of Fur’ shawl (priced at £750 or $990) has attracted comparison to the vagina since it came online.


It looks like that amount is quite okay with buyers as the pink version is already sold out over at Farfetch, and online as well!


You have to wrap it around in a loop or two, which makes the folds of the Fendi scarf look like a set of labia surrounded by pubic hair.



Oh, and by the way, have you wondered what it looks like when flipped? Surely, it becomes even more evocative of vulvae.



Don’t keep waiting for the colour pink. If you’re daring to wear Fendi’s ‘touch of fur’ shawl, blue and red is available too!



As it turns out, there’s a pretty large market for fashion accessories that resemble female genitalia, since the pink version of the scarf is already sold out.



However, the response wasn’t limited to loud labia laughs. Many took offense to Fendi using real fox fur in its latest collection. Many designers now opt for fur-free collections, including Burberry, Gucci, and Versace.





Would you dare to wear this vulva scarf around your neck?

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