13 Life Hacks That All Females Should Know

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8:00 pm 12 Aug, 2015

1. Pee after sex to avoid UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)

Some studies show that cranberry juice can help prevent UTIs.


2. Shave with a conditioner for silky smooth legs

It’s cheaper than ladies shaving creams and makes your skin soft.


3. Keep an extra pair of shoes in your work drawer

For those times when you shoes hurt, fall apart or get wet.


4. Hydrogen Peroxide can remove blood stains

Just soak your period panties in some water and hydrogen peroxide to clean them.


5. Clear nail polish can save your tights

Apply a coat of clear nail polish when you get a run in your tights/ stockings.


6. You can turn a regular bra into a push-up

Just pull the cups close-together using a safety pin – instant push-up bra.


7. Always have your ‘essential’ items ready

Pads, hair ties, face wipes, etc should always be present in your purse/backpack.


8. Don’t take rudeness from guys

The minute they start some shit, just walk away. You’ve got better things to do.


9. Make your manicure last longer

On the third of fourth day after you manicure, apply a coat of clear nail polish.


10. Baking soda and vinegar are cheap cleaning supplies

Add a touch of lime to baking soda + vinegar mixture and it works like magic.


11. Vitamin D and calcium supplements are good for you

They will make your hair and nails stronger and help you avoid deficiency diseases.


12. Get enough rest

Seven or eight hours of sleep can help you deal better with the day ahead.


13. Keep a few hair ties at the stick end of your brush

This will save you time getting ready in the morning.



Credit: The ladies on Reddit.

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