All Females Out There Can Relate To These 16 Funny Illustrations

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:09 pm

He: “Baby, why do you take so much time to get ready? You make me wait so much! You are never ever on time!”

She: “Darling, a queen is never late; everyone else is simply early.”

Now that’s the truth that these guys won’t ever understand!


1. Being a girl is so fu**ing difficult. We work our asses off, exercise day and night, make resolutions every year,…

Yet it’s dancing that makes us really lose the calories.



2. Try to give up all those delicious pieces of blueberry cheese cake, chocolates, ice creams because those little devils give 360 calories all at once!



3. After so many sacrifices, we still don’t get that perfect swimsuit figure.

Why the fuck do bikinis make our asses look large after so many squats? This is still a mystery!



4. Yes, we do get excited about romantic dates, but you will be the ones to call us bears if we appear with those hairy legs.

Guys, you may feel manly with those super hairy legs but we need to get rid of them every time you make plans for us!



5. You might be happy with a single pair of jeans and a jacket, but we are not. We always need a new dress to go out with you. This is a daily struggle.

Well, that’s what make you say, “Darling, you look mesmerizing!” Above all, we cannot upload images on social media in a repeated dress.



6. Sometimes, even shopping doesn’t help. We always buy that last piece left in the store that doesn’t fit us at all.

Another 5 hours to find something better!



7. By chance if we find that perfect dress, nail-polishes take so long to dry. We always mess up our nails and have to reapply the paint.

Believe us, it’s really difficult!



8. You love our eyes, right? Whatever liner it is, they all give us a very hard time.



9. No, all those YouTube tutorials don’t help. We never get that smokey eye look. Always ended up looking like a raccoon!



10. Getting a perfect hairstyle is a pain in the ass. We get bored of our natural hair, get happy if we do some experiment and then miss our natural look.




11. These long locks make use mad at times, but we still love them.



12. Yeah, you were asking why we are always late. After such effort, we finally look our best and then take a dozen selfies to get one perfect one. Sometimes we just don’t!



13. Don’t talk to us about mirror selfies! Okay, it’s our fault that we forget to disable the flash every time but then even after doing that this is what we get:



14. And when we ask you to take our pictures. This is what you give us!

And call yourself a photographer. Dude, getting a DSLR does not mean you know photography techniques.



15. People always want us to be chirpy but if someday we just decide to stay quiet, this what they do to us:




16. As far as our mommies are concerned, we are still little princesses. This makes them shop for us.


Guys, this is a true story of almost every girl. Please don’t shout when we get late. Just understand that we do a lot to get that perfect look. Not for you but for ourselves. Let us be the way we are!


Credit: Facebook