A Female Cop Filled Dangerous Potholes All By Herself When Her Request Got Ignored

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1:39 pm 27 Nov, 2015


The nation showed its support and the news went viral when cartoonist Nikhil Pai posted the status ‘I BRIBED A COP TODAY!‘. Well, it was just his strategy to bring the heroic act of a female traffic cop to everyone’s notice!

On the one hand we hear cases such as that of a Bengaluru cops thrashing a good Samaritan just because he removed a barricade to make way for an ambulance stuck in traffic for hours. On the the other hand we have cops like Padmavati.

The frustrated cop took action because of the poor state of the road.

People used to face a traffic woes and other problems while driving as the road in front of Baikampady Industrial area in Mengaluru had several potholes.



When all her requests to appropriate authorities went ignored, she decided to take the matter in her own hand.

Nikhil, who also owns a petrol pump near the place, noticed Padmavati filling the potholes all alone.

Upon asking she said that she arranged the required material somehow from the authorities but the labourers did not turn up. She couldn’t wait any longer and started working in the scorching heat.


Padmavati is a Home Guard attached to the North Mengaluru traffic police. She has completed her ITI diploma course and wants to join the police force or the defence.

Nikhil highlighted why what she did deserves our salute:

This lady is busy filling the Huge POT HOLE at the NATIONAL HIGHWAY 66 all by herself None to help her. This is actually the job of Nation Highway Engineers but this lady is fixing this because this particular Pot Hole in front of the BAIKAMPADY INDUSTRIAL AREA was the major cause of TRAFFIC BLOCK as there is a U TURN there.

And she has been receiving just that:

Praise 2


And the bribe? A bottle of water and soft drinks from Nikhil.


Padmavati went a mile extra while performing her duties and that is what won many hearts. We definitely need such people in our police forces. Don’t we?

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