11 Interesting ‘Female Condom’ Experiences Shared By Women Who Have Used It

9:00 am 28 Jun, 2018


This post is mainly for the adults or the grownups. The topic may be a bit awkward or uncomfortable for many of our women folks out there, but since it is real and just a common thing today, let’s not pretend further or shy away from talking about it. Perhaps, let’s open up, talk things out and live in a free world. To go straight to the point, ladies, have you ever used or tried using a female condom, or men, have you ever asked your partner to use one?

Well, though it may be still a taboo for many in India or certain other countries, the use of female condoms, also known as femidom or internal condom or sometimes referred to by the brand name FC2, is absolutely common and no longer a taboo today. In fact, there’s nothing taboo in it. After all, like male condoms, female condoms are also a barrier contraceptive that provides pretty much the same protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy, though its protection against them is inferior to that by male condoms.


However, we will not be talking about what is female condom or whether its use is still a taboo or not in this article. What we will be talking about here is some of the interesting female condoms usage experiences as shared by women who have used them. Recently, a question was posted on Reddit asking women who have used female condoms to tell their experiences. And here are some of the most interesting experiences shared by them. Take a read:

1. Like sticking a carrier bag up the fanny!

My sister used one and said it was like sticking a carrier bag up her fanny and did not recommend it.


2. Like sticking a sandwich baggy up the vagina!

My experience was that it’s like sticking a sandwich baggy up your vagina, with identical sensations and sound effects.


3. They don’t fit right, preferred a diaphragm

They’re awful, they don’t fit right, rustle, and make noise. Honestly prefer the diaphragm if I need a barrier.


4. Could never bring to use one

They literally look like garbage bags you shove up your vagina, I could never bring myself to use one and clearly, these comments have solidified that decision.


5. Not easy to insert or easy to f**k either!

We tried once and failed. It wasn’t easy to insert, it wasn’t easy to fuck, and I kept being paranoid about catching my IUD strings during insertion, adjustment, and removal. We removed it and used a male condom instead.

My boyfriend doesn’t mind male condoms at all and the female condom didn’t improve the sensation for him and worsened it for me, so we don’t bother going out of our way to find, buy and use female condoms.



6. Gave shot five times and then threw the rest out

It definitely felt like a thick trash bag was shoved up my twat. I gave it a shot five times and then threw the rest out.

Note: They are NOT latex, which is great for folks like me who are allergic to the stuff!


7. Much better than a male condom!

I’ve just tried them for the first time and was surprised. Apart from feeling a bit self-conscious about it at first, it wasn’t really any different to unprotected sex. We both enjoyed it and got the job done as t’were. Much better than a male condom IMO as it doesn’t rely on male being hard so you can take your time.


8. Applying it was extremely unpleasant and adding a penis made it worse!

Awful. Like sticking a slippy plastic bag up your vag. Applying it was extremely unpleasant and adding a penis made it worse. Would not recommend.


9. The FC2 is great for period sex

Wow, I’m surprised by the seeming consensus that they’re terrible! I like them a lot. The insertion is really easy, and then holding the outer rim while he penetrates makes it stay in place. The older versions definitely made a lot of noise but the FC2 really doesn’t. They’re great for period sex, too, since my partner gets squeamish around blood.


10. Pinchy for the husband

I’m allergic to latex. I liked it fine. Husband did not. He could feel the ring at the top (and maybe bottom. I don’t remember). It was pinchy for him. They are expensive. We use nonlatex male condoms now.


11. Inserting feels pretty weird at first

We got the FC2 for butt stuff and occasionally have used them for PIV when the occasion felt appropriate. They’re leagues better than male condoms for him. I like them more, too. Inserting them feels pretty weird at first, and has somewhat of a learning curve associated with it, but overall I’d recommend them without hesitation.



What about you, who all have used female condoms? What have your experiences been like?