This Mumbaikar’s Experience With A Female Auto-Driver Is Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

3:43 pm 27 Jun, 2018


The news of brutality against women is very common across the nation. Every day we get to know of a new incident involving physical or other forms of abuse on females, even kids. The atmosphere in the midst of such news is fairly negative and women often don’t feel secure in their own city.
But a recent incident of a Mumbaikar’s encounter with a female auto-driver is like a breath of fresh air. In times when we are forced to question women’s safety in India, such instances are often a source of hope for better times.



Many cities in India do have female auto-driver as well as cab drivers. These women showcase the will to take their city back from the abusive culture around. And Mumbai resident Vijayeta encountered one such courageous woman on the streets of Mumbai diligently working past midnight.


Female auto-drivers with their pink autos. Source


Vijayeta took to her Twitter account to share her experience with fellow tweeps. According to her tweet, one day when she was heading back home past midnight, her car broke down. While she was looking for help desperately, a female auto-driver came to her rescue who not only dropped her home, but they also bonded a little bit. Here is Vijayeta’s tweet about the episode:



As she shared her experience, tweeps also shared their opinions. There are mixed reactions with some people finding relief in the incident, and some others who are hoping for a better, more equal society. Take a look:


Female auto-drivers means streets are safer.



We need such positives in this negative world.



She’s driving the change, but need more after 70 years of Independence.



Good, but Indian daughter feeling safe with a male-driver will be the real happiness.



India is miles behind other countries.



It’s India of our dreams, heart-warming!



While netizens might be torn on the issue, we believe anything that gives hope for a better tomorrow is a welcome change.