18 Feelings You Come Across On The Last Day Of College

Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 8:26 pm


Yes, this is it! The day has finally arrived, when we say goodbye to all our sweet and wonderful memories of our college life. We didn’t realised that how quickly some of our precious years just passed away and now suddenly we realise how important college was to us. So here are 18 feelings we suddenly come across on the last day of college.

1. You understand how much you have changed with the time spent in college. 5 Crazy years and you stand out as a completely different person, you are today.

2. Time to grow up. You ‘actually’ have to. It’s hard to realise, but all of us have to realise.

3. You are cherishing some special bonds as well as forgetting some things you had been carrying since long. It’s an uncanny feeling altogether.

4. Suddenly life goes on a slow motion mode. Your friends are hugging you, there are tears in your eyes, the ambiance is now different.

5. The thought of friends being replaced by colleagues is lingering in your head.

6. You have mastered the art of self control. Of course after staying with all types of people, be it hyper, angry, chirpy or emotional. As now you are trained to handle them all!

7. Canteen is no more ‘THE’ spot. From now the adda will probably change.

8. Now deadlines will mean deadline. And figures will mean different.

9. There is a sudden realisation that these moments will never come back.

10. You want to drown yourself in Vodka, party hard and live the moment with your friends. #OneLastTime

11. You check all your pictures from first year till now. The makeover from being ugly to pretty! And some of your stupid status updates regarding college life. You are judging yourself right now. #MemoriesMade

12. You start thinking about how time passed. How some relationships within your friends changed. Some for good, some for bad and some for unknown reasons.

13. There is a riot of mixed emotions going inside you. To be sad? or to be happy? or to be both? You don’t know. You are just going with the phase.

14. You are happy for the friends who have already got a job or have plans further but at the same time you are a little jealous. Constant comparison between them and you is eating you.

15. Deep down you are a little afraid, this big bad world is waiting for you. The fear of getting judged, getting humiliated, getting scolded has surrounded you.

16. You feel like meeting every possible person associated with the college, from the peon who showed you the way to your classroom on the first day to the teacher you crushed on since long. And how to forget the canteen and the xerox guy.

17. You can’t believe it’s all actually happening.


Yes, like how? How could time pass by so fast? We all are surrounded by such questions in our mind and it is really hard to believe, that actually this is it!

18. You will miss this all! You are missing it already.

Be it our friends, professors or our carefree college life, we will miss this all to core!