Feeling low? Watch Mallika Dua’s Snapchat Videos, They Will Zap You Out Of Boredom

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7:21 pm 23 Aug, 2016

A person has two beings, one is his regular self, competing with the complications of life and the other self, the crazy one, hysterically exists on Snapchat ONLY. This insane app with its playful filters has scooped everyone’s attention. Each snap with a lifespan of just 24 hours, is the best way to drain out crazy everyday emotions.

If you’re truly talented, nothing and no one can hold you back. And this has been proved by internet sensation, Mallika Dua.

Mallika Dua, a former copywriter and now an internet star, is making the world(at least India) a happy place by sharing her side-splitting Snapchat videos. Mind it, all of them are going viral. Her canny conversations with her self-created fictional character – ‘Makeup Didi’ sounds bitchy and you can’t ignore them for sure.

So, Sit back bro and enjoy these videos:

1. The typical conversation after board exams:


2. Butta aur Sutta!


3. Yeah, she is different:

Happy Friday y'all #everyoneisdoingeveryone #comedy#india#lol#femalecomics#joke#funny #pagal#mallikadua

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on


4. You need vodka?


5. Do you really believe in love?


6. Blue hai Snapchat Snapchat yeh!


7. Jamun or Aloo Bukhara?


8. Swan lost in the puppy!


9. The Tokyo make-up:


10. Rave look gone wrong:


11. Saving grace for Picasso:


12. Billy humor:


Aren’t they super crazy?

To see more of her videos and snaps, follow her on her Snapchat ID –  Mallikadua.


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