Feeling Blue? 7 Steps To Beat Depression And Feel Relieved Instantly

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5:00 am 5 Apr, 2014

It’s not always that you can be happy, there are days when you feel gloomy and low too. But don’t dwell into this phase for long as it only kills your very own spirit and obviously you get nothing but stress. To kick out depression almost instantly, I recommend you to try out these tips.

7. Vent out

A call to your near and dear ones can easily lighten up your mood. Opening up to them and sharing what’s within will definitely make you feel relaxed. They not only lend you an ear but take the burden off your chest.

call to your near and dear ones can easily lighten up your mood

6. Watch a comedy movie

Have a favorite movie that had you in splits? This is the right time to watch it again. Grab some popcorns and a cold drink!


5. Burp! Eat something good

Eating your favorite food can be a great stress reliever. Go to the kitchen and make a delicious sandwich or open the fridge to eat the ice-cream. Relish every bite and get rid of the murkiness.

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4. Music

Listen to your favorite track, be it a peppy number or a slow song, and go into the flow. Not only will it make you relaxed but you will see that lost smile on your face soon.


3. Go for a walk

A walk to your nearby park will do all wonders. Enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature will make you forget all your worries.


2. Express

Pen down your inner thoughts, play your favorite instrument or dance to your choice of tune. Do what you love doing the most to express yourself.


1. Take a bath

Nothing like a warm bath. Take a shower and wash away your tension. A nap afterwards will ease out your mind and soul.



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