Cutting Across Societal Lines, Around 250 Poor Eat A Meal Everyday At This Centre

Updated on 8 Mar, 2016 at 5:42 pm


At a time when our youth is busy with materialistic pursuits (or taking political stands, in some cases), Vishal Singh of Lucknow is doing a great service by providing free food to the attendants of poor patients who are admitted to  King George’s Medical University (KGMU).

Singh runs a centre called ‘Prabhatam’ on the KGMU grounds. The place for the centre has been provided free of cost to him by the hospital authorities.


Feeding poor (1)

‘Prabhatam’ also sets an example in harmony. There is no caste or communal distinction.

Mohandas, who came to attend to a family member admitted here, dined right next to Mohammad Hafeez, a relative of another patient.

“Hunger knows no religion. Here, everyone sits together,” Mohandas say prophetically.


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What makes Singh’s effort commendable is that he does not serve a shoddy meal. At ‘Prabhatam’ people are fed a ‘thaali’ consisting of curry, vegetables, pulses, rice, and papad. Mineral water is served too.

Over 250 people, mostly attendants of patients, eat at Singh’s centre everyday without paying a penny from their pockets.

Speaking about his noble cause, Singh says:

“I decided upon starting this (the service) when my father fell unwell. He was hospitalized for several days in Gurgaon, where I attended to him.”



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So how is he running this centre?

Singh said that he once ran a company that was in the business of establishing earthing connections. The money he made from the company helped him set up the centre and run it for its initial days.

To focus on his social service, Singh left his company in the hands of his friends. Today, ‘Prabhatam’ runs on the donations of Singh’s friends.

Feeding such a large number of people a meal everyday costs around Rs.3-4 lakh per month. But despite this, Singh is himself unwilling to accept monetary help.

“If somebody wants to help us, we take things in kind such as rice, lentils etc,” he told TY News, adding, “People should donate food to the poor instead of offering them at temples because such a deed is like serving God.”


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And while they were having their meal, a newly married couple arrived in ‘Prabhatam’ to help with the serving. Why? They said that the service of mankind is the ultimate goal of life.


This story has been contributed by Rohit Pandey. Vishal Singh can be contacted at: 0-99-35-888887