It’s Hell For Teens When Social Media And Society Go Nuts Over A Pic

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 6:10 pm


Just when you think society can’t possibly get more ridiculous, it does. We’ve seen people get upset over movies, songs, opinions and now a photo on Facebook. It turns out that some college kids, being college kids, decided to click a photo of their group.

Presumably, one of the boys in the group, Mohammed Swali, decided it would be damn cool to lie across the laps of five girls, while another boy stood at the back with a handkerchief on his head. This humdrum photo then went viral (go figure).


themangaloretimes This photo went viral. I really don’t see what’s worth sharing.

Now the only thing I’d scold this group for is having a very bad idea about what ‘cool’ really is. But that’s not the reaction some assailants associated with saffron outfits had.

Apparently, this photo was seen as an attempt at love jihad. So, the notoriously loveless hooligans decided that ganging up on a lone boy and beating him senseless was the right thing to do.

Kishtwar violence

kashmirvoice Guardians of whatever it is that people are trying to lose.

The boy is now hospitalized. Oh and he was not the boy lying on the girls’ laps. He’s Mohammed Riyaz, the boy sitting awkwardly on the side, not looking at the camera.

He was abducted by a group of ten men, who blindfolded him, stripped him and then proceeded to beat him. When the boy managed to call his father, he didn’t even know where he was.


bhaskar The boy who didn’t do anything. Literally.

What is shocking about this case is:

1. Utterly uninteresting photos of college kids can go viral (people must be really bored).

2. Those very same bored people can then opt to get offended by kids being kids.

3. 10 thugs beating one boy is apparently the way to go to promote Hindutva.

4. It is essential to strip someone to beat them (really, why would stripping him be necessary?)

5. If you don’t find an “accused” just grabbing someone else is justice enough.

Saffron protest

youtube I can’t tell if he’s angry and shaking his fists or yawning.

But that’s not all. All the students have reportedly been suspended from Govinda Dasa College in Suratkal. Now apparently, the girls have claimed that the photo is doctored.

The girls allege that some boys hacked into their account, added this boy in the photo, and uploaded it to Facebook.

Salman Khan

vegmomos Meanwhile in Bollywood.

Imthiyaz, a social activist, claims that one of the girls has now committed suicide. If true, that is seriously tragic.

It’s just a photo. There’s nothing remarkable about it at all. The only remarkable fact about this entire event is that some people’s sensibilities are offended at the click of a button.

New Delhi protest

flipboard How dare they?!?!? Ashleel AND happy!


I think it’s high time we stopped trying to control every little action of those around us and tried to be a blessing for those we know rather than a burden on this planet.

Kids are kids; for god’s sake let them breathe.

 excellentquotations I really wanted to put a photo of students partying, but i don't want blood on my hands.

excellentquotations I really wanted to put a photo of students partying, but I don’t want blood on my hands.