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With These Powerful Words, Faye D’Souza Slams BMC And Shiv Sena For Being Vindictive Towards RJ Malishka

Published on 21 July, 2017 at 2:15 pm By

Did someone say that India is the biggest democracy in the world? Well, it might be “biggest”, not sure if it is the most “functional”. Remember how Narendra Modi, in the 32nd episode of the monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, said that “Constructive criticism strengthens our democracy”? If you do, then forget it because if you will try to criticize, the likes of Shiv Sena might just slap you with their vengeful tactics.


RJ Malishka of 93.5 Red FM released a satirical video named ‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nai ka’ (Mumbai, don’t you have faith on BMC?). The video criticized the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for potholes in a metropolitan which generates the highest amount of taxes. It was an artistic expression aiming at constructive criticism. However, ego is a fragile thing which Shiv Sena has always proved.


Amey Ghole and Samadhan Sarvankar, two Yuvas of the Shiv Sena, sent a letter to BMC suggesting that they should file a defamation case of Rs. 500 crore against RJ Malishka and the radio station. Yes, bullying is the best way to deal with rightful questions asked by struggling tax payers.

As reported by DNA, the content of the letter said that the video maligned the image of Mumbai and the BMC, and also dented the confidence of several thousand BMC employees who work hard to keep the city afloat during the rains.

RJ Malishka of 93.5 Red FM.Speaking Minds


Guess what BMC did? They proved that taking criticism is not their favorite sport. So, in order to teach a lesson to RJ Malishka, they thought to scare her away with a notice of mosquito breeding in her house in Bandra, Mumbai.

Now, enters Faye D’Souza — the emerging voice of reason and unbiased journalism.

Faye D’Souza of Mirror Now who slammed Shiv Sena and BMC live on her show.We Are The City



Out and loud, she uttered the words which resonate with all of us.

The facts:

This city generates more tax than any other part of this country; the least we can ask for is a decent road.

The important question:

And if you can’t even give us that, you have the audacity to threaten someone who is asking you question, have you no shame?

The final blow:

The Shiv Sena needs to learn how to do its job. You’ve got your votes, you have got your taxes. Now do your job.

Potholes are one of the major issues in Mumbai, especially during Monsoon.Metro Vaarta

For anyone who thinks that making a parody video is not the proper way to criticize the government, then please do your research on how the pen of an artist has been the greatest tool. Twitter is standing with these ladies who were brave enough to start the much-needed dialogue.




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