Fawad Khan’s Adorable High School Love Story With Wife Sadaf Is Proof That Fairytales Exist

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6:18 pm 11 May, 2016


It’s easy to lose yourself to the glittering limelight when you reach out to become a star. Not quite so much though when you have real love showing you the path all along.



Fawad Khan is undoubtedly one of India and Pakistan’s most adulated stars. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s hot! And even much hotter is his committed loyalty for his high school sweetheart of almost fourteen years.




But as it goes for every happily ever after, the plot has quite a few twist and turns.

Fawad belonged to a very conservative family and had limited conversations with girls. His friends however, always made him curious. So being the shy guy that he was, he started chatting online with a girl called Sadaf.

It so happened that one of his childhood friend too had a friend called Sadaf. Thinking her to be the one, he chatted with and expressed his desire to meet her.



While at that time, he wasn’t intending to date but to take things casually, he did feel a connection with Sadaf – the original wifey Sadaf. But as it happens with teenage boys, he fell for another girl soon after.

It was during an A-level tuition that he happened to meet Sadaf again. Here it was when they started dating.

Confessing how cheesy it feels now, Fawad proposed to her within 10 days of  a relationship.

I was like, “I’ve decided that I want to live the rest of my life with you because I think I’m an old-fashioned person and I’m not in for the hanky panky.” Those were my exact words! Very cheesy, but I was like, “I really am. Will you marry me?”



Sadaf was actually aghast and blurted out, ”Are you mad?”

She told him she’s just 16 and they should better take it slow. But Fawad kept pestering her till she gave up in the next four years – which is exactly when they got hitched.

The road to marriage wasn’t rosy as every South Asian family would know. Her parents wanted a conservative groom with a more secure future than someone singing and dancing.

So, this amazing man took up a nine to five job to convince her parents. And of course, they agreed!



As his popularity grew, it became quite hard on Sadaf to take in all the female attention. But Fawad’s undying loyalty made her take it all in their stride.

Sadaf’s been with me through thick and thin. She was there at the first screening of Khoobsurat and she was laughing along with Sonam and me when we posed for a somewhat steamy shoot. We both understand that how I act on-screen isn’t real while our relationship truly is.



Fawad and Sadaf are proof that if you’re best friends at the core, fidelity comes naturally. Knowing someone since childhood erases any scope of vulnerability while making you trust them with blinded eyes.

I love my wife the most in this world. She is my Rock of Gibraltar and my anchor. I have known her for so long but she is still my companion, my lover, my best friend, my everything. She understands me the most. Even in my rebellious phase, when I was most vulnerable, she would listen to me and understand me.

Guess, these two cuties are perfect examples for withering relationships in Bollywood!



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