The Islamic State is a barbaric terror group. If you have not yet cut your ties with the world, you know that already.

But there is no denying the fact that the Islamic State exists and is practically functioning as a State. How, you ask. One way is through the use of fatwas.

Fatwas are codes or religious rulings on a specific subject issued by recognised members or bodies dealing with Islamic law upon request by a follower.

So here are some of the most significant fatwas issued by the Islamic State for people living in the territory they control.

People in the Islamic State are discouraged from playing billiards. The Caliphate especially directs fighters to stay away from the stick and the balls.




Nurses are not allowed with doctors. This fatwa stems from many official rulings that disallow women from travelling or leaving their homes without a male relative.




There is a very strict ruling against the meat that Islamic State people get from neighbouring Turkey. The society of Turkey is multicultural, which is why the Islamic State prohibits purchase of meat from that country.




Zakat is form of tax to be paid by all Muslims for the welfare of the poor. This ruling is for the land or wealth captured from non-Muslims, though the word used here includes those who have not accepted the rule of Islamic State.




The fatwa directs those selling passports not to do so if the buyer is going to a non-Islamic State land unless the he disavows all association with kaafirs.




This is an ordinance containing the kinds of punishments for specific offences. This is applicable to everyone governed under the Islamic State laws. It is based on the Sharia.




We came across the fatwas in the blog of Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, who has been tracking the rise of the Islamic State.