You Can Apply For Passport With Just Your Mother’s Name, Rules Delhi HC

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6:30 pm 21 May, 2016

In certain cases like that of a single mother, Delhi High Court has ordered that mother’s name is sufficient for a child to apply for a passport.

Further, the court said Delhi passport office should not reject passport applications on the sole reason of the absence of the father’s name.


The move comes in response to a petition filed by Shalu Nigam, a single mother who requested that her daughter’s passport be re-issued without her father’s name.

She said that she was a divorcee and had raised her daughter all by herself without any help from the child’s biological father.


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Taking  cognisance of the matter, Justice Manmohan observed:

“This court also takes judicial notice of the fact that families of single parents are on the increase due to various reasons like unwed mothers, sex workers, surrogate mothers, rape survivors, children abandoned by father and also children born through IVF technology.”


He also pointed out that in 2005 and 2011, the girl was issued a passport without her father’s name, which makes it evident that the said requirement is not a legal necessity.



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