10 Ways In Which Fathers Influence Their Daughters

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10:00 am 13 May, 2015


He is the first man in your life who influences you in every decision and action. How he presents himself is noticed closely by you and all that you see him doing becomes a benchmark for you. Such is the relationship of a father and daughter that both take a lot from each others invaluable presence especially the daughter who has grown up idolizing this man in her life.

1. He empowers you to become a responsible individual.


2. He invigorates you to become self-confident.


3. You look up to your father for the path he picked in academics.



4. His professional successes push you to become career-oriented.


5. He inspires you to become someone’s role model.


6. His love makes you not seek for attention elsewhere.


7. He teaches you how a woman is valued and you emulate and expect the same.


8. He helps develop your decision-making skills.


9. He makes you strong and competitive.


10. His presence makes you love the world and your existence.




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