A Father Asked About The Best Coaching Institute For His Class 5 Kid To Prepare For IIT JEE And Readers Trolled Him So Bad

2:07 pm 22 Mar, 2017


In India, almost every family wants an engineer in their house. No matter how much people have appreciated the movie ‘3 Idiots’ but it takes a lot for parents to let their children follow their dreams.


A father in a similar dilemma posted a question on Quora asking, “Which coaching institute is best for my kid in 5th standard for IIT JEE preparation?” He further updated his query and wrote,

 to all those suggesting that I let my child follow his dreams and not to pressurize him. He is a kid and doesn’t know even what is good or bad. So parents decide what is better. IIT tag is very prestigious and it will bring pride to our family.



His question surprised many and many readers were in shock. The father had to face a horrendous backlash. Many thrashed him with harsh words and called him cruel for planning to spoil his kid’s childhood.


Why didn’t you yourself make it to any IIT?


Don’t spoil your son’s childhood!


And there were some who trolled him hilariously. Here is a compilation of some of the funniest replies.









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