Father Of Raped Minor Daughter Carries Her 4 Km Every Week For Treatment

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

He is a daily wage labourer. Despite that, he makes sure that his daughter gets her treatment timely.

His nine-year-old daughter was brutally raped by a man two months ago. In order to get her wounds healed, he treks four kilometre with his daughter in his arms to the nearest government health care centre for her treatment.

This year in July, a local driver lured the nine-year-old, took her to a riverside and raped her multiple times. Due to that, her intestines got ruptured.

The family, which can’t even afford a bicycle, ran from the primary health care centre to hospitals in Ranchi for her treatment.

She underwent a colectomy to remove her damaged intestine. She now uses a colostomy bag. Though her condition is stable, she needs a weekly visit to the primary health care centre to get her wounds dressed.


Her father said:

“So what if I do not have a cycle or a motorbike? She is my baby, I cannot dump her. I want her to recover at the earliest and for that I have to take her to the doctor every day.”


The man accused of the crime was arrested few days later and the police said that he was involved in another case of rape too. On 28 August, the Jharkhand High Court ordered an immediate payment of Rs. 1 lakh to the family. At the local level, the administration has promised a cycle, monetary help and even a job for the father.

The family is yet to receive any help from the government. Despite the financial crunch, which is taking a toll on the family, the father hasn’t skipped a single visit to the doctor.


The father said:

“I am unable to go for work as this is a priority. We have exhausted whatever in the name of savings we had. Rather we are deep in debt now. God knows how many more days we will have to suffer like this. I wish a doctor could come to my home and dress the wounds of my daughter but that’s a dream for us.”

Sources: NDTV, Hindustan Times