The Way This Father-Daughter Duo From Tripura Saved Many Lives From A Train Accident Is Praiseworthy

10:13 pm 28 Jun, 2018


Despite our news feeds being filled with a lot of negative news on a daily basis, it may be hard to believe that humanity still prevails in these difficult times. One such incident happened recently in the forests of Tripura that will restore your faith in humanity. Incidentally, a father-daughter duo in Tripura helped in protecting the lives of thousands of people in the most unexpected way.

According to sources, on June 15, Somati and her father Swapan Debbarma were walking along the railway line at Ambassa in Northern Tripura when they noticed that almost a kilometer of railways track has been derailed due to a huge landslide after heavy rains.



As soon as the father-daughter duo saw that, they noticed that a train was coming on those tracks from a distance. In order to prevent the train from passing those derailed tracks, they both made a quick move and did something that nobody would have reckoned.

Swapan Debbarma removed his shirt and his daughter Somati removed her skirt and stood on the tracks while waving their clothes at the train in order to attract his attention. Apparently, the trick worked and the driver stopped the train saving thousands of passengers.



Sonu Kumar Mandal, the driver of the train said, “If we had not spotted the signal and stopped the train, it could have met with a severe accident.” It was a passenger train named Dharmanagar-Agartala passenger train which had just left Ambassa railway station before this incident took place.



Talking about the brave-hearts, the 45-year-old father named Swapan Debbarma and the daughter named Somati are poor tribal people living on a hillock overseeing the tracks of Dhancherra in Tripura with his family and sells forest produce like bamboo shoots and firewood for his living.



This incident immediately gained the attention of the members of the Tripura Assemble as they invited the father and daughter in the assembly and were felicitated with rewards from the Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb. Debbarma’s name has been recommended by the members for a job in the railway ministry and they have been awarded Rs 50, 000 by the minister of tribal welfare.




Moreover, the social media is also in awe of the deeds of the father and daughter who saved so many lives as they praised their action with inspirational tweets. Take a look:

Tripura Minister invited them for lunch at their place:


Cricketer Virender Sehwag appreciates their efforts!


He has become a hero!


Well, watch the video where Swapan and his daughter are being felicitated by the Tripura Assembly members: