Father Of A New Born Child Arrested For Denying Milk To The Child For 24 Hours After Birth

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1:21 pm 5 Nov, 2016

Kerala police on November 4 arrested the father of a newborn child after he denied the mother of the baby from breastfeeding the child milk for nearly 24 hours.

The police have registered a case against the father under juvenile justice act, booking him for endangering the child’s life.


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Father of the child Aboobacker. Deccan Chronicles

Further, the hospital has also filed a case against him for preventing them from discharging their duties.

The father, identified as Aboobacker, had denied his wife Hafasath from feeding the child as he lives by the principles of Koya Thangal, a religious Muslim leader, who in his preaching had advised that a baby should not be fed until five prayers had been called after its birth.


Representational Image. DNA India

Representational Image. DNA India

The Muslim cleric, who had advised Aboobacker to do so has also been arrested by the police for advising the people to do perform such act.

Mother of the child, Hafasath is 24-year-old and belongs to Omassery, Kerala. She had defied doctor’s requests to breastfeed the child as her husband had forbidden her to do so for religious reasons.

Reports claim that Hafsath did so as she was afraid that her husband would divorce her if she refused his orders.

This was couple’s second child and the father claims that they had done same after the birth of their first child as well. He said he had prevented his wife from his breastfeeding their first child and that nothing had happened.

“I had not allowed my wife to breastfeed our first child also for 24 hours. That hospital made me give an undertaking that I would be responsible if my child died. Nothing happened to my child. The preacher had told us to give the infant honey and some water from Mecca.”

The hospital authorities meanwhile claim that they pleaded with the parents and even threatened him, but to no avail and were forced to approach the police.

But despite police intervention, Aboobacker stood his ground and prevented the mother from breastfeeding the child till 24 hours were over.

The family eventually left the hospital after Aboobacker forcefully sought discharge from the hospital.


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