12 Retro Fashion Trends That Look Seriously Bizarre Now

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Updated on 1 May, 2015 at 4:35 pm


These fashion trends have created a buzz in the past but imitating them now will make you appear like an alien from the planet ‘unfashionable’. We will brush your memory with some of the trends that definitely needed to die down.

1. Bell-bottoms

Gone are the days when wearing bell-bottoms was considered trendy.

2. Matching colored everything

Wearing matching-matching is so uncool!

3. High ponytails


I mean really, you think you want to try this style?

4. Lip outlining

Will make you look scary if tried now!

5. High waist pants/denims

It looks presentable with only crop tops.

6. Dungarees

Leave it to the kids to wear.

7. Useless sunglasses

Please don’t opt for sunglasses with no protection and just for show.

8. Middle partition

The ‘Tere Naam’ craze was huge then but now?

9. Contrast color combination

No way! Spare our eyes.

10. Collared kurtas

I still fail to understand why it ever became a trend!

11. Tight suits

If only you would want to suffocate yourself.

12.Unnecessary accessories


Less is good!

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